To help fight one of the main issues affecting the home building industry, the HBA has partnered with an organization called Face It TOGETHER.  They do peer-based coaching with a focus on the person with the disease of addiction as well as their loved ones.

HBA member companies, their employees, and loved ones are covered by this benefit. That means if you have a brother in TX that is struggling with addiction, he can call FIT as well. They do their coaching via video, phone sessions and in person at their physical location at 104 S. Cascade Suite 211 Colorado Springs, CO,

Coaching at FIT typically costs $300 – $500 per month, so this is an enormous benefit that HBA is providing to its members at no cost. It is increasingly difficult to find/retain good workers and trades. Further it’s worse when you have to terminate employment and trade relationships a result of someone testing positive for drug or alcohol. And when you’ve terminated that employee, they may continue to spiral without a paycheck. Face it TOGETHER is a resource that you can use to help that individual fight their addiction, help them strengthen their families, and thereby be an even better employee. We’re huge proponents of win-win’s at HBA.