Andrea Barlow

N.E.S., Inc


Ryan Klein

Sherman Howard

Vice President of Government Affairs

Marla novak

Public Policy Council
Purpose Statement

To increase the industry’s influence on public policy by working with elected officials, government staff and community organizations to foster a positive business climate for all HBA members and to protect housing attainability for our community.

The Public Policy Council meets the 2nd Thursday of each month, 11:30 AM at the HBA. You must be a member of the Council to attend.
Chair: Andrea Barlow, N.E.S., Inc.
Vice Chair: Ryan Klein, Sherman Howard
Staff Liaison: Marla Novak
Contact Marla Novak at 719-592-1800 x 114 for information regarding the HBA Public Policy Council.


El Paso County Water Master Plan
The EPC Water Master Plan was heard by the Planning Commission for 1st public hearing this past Tuesday, December 4. The 2nd public hearing and most likely adoption will be Tuesday, December 18, and will be held in the upstairs hearing room at the Regional Development Center.

Please take the time to review the EPC Water Master Plan Draft linked below and send any comments to me before December 18th.

Comments can also be presented at the hearing. Any modifications, corrections, and recommendations by the Planning Commission, will be added before final publication.

The City of Colorado Springs is currently underway with the development of their Comprehensive Plan (PlanCOS), which is a guide for the development and growth of the City. HBA members are actively involved in the development of this plan but we still need member input.

On the PlanCOS website, there are several “give your input” buttons. Click on any of these buttons and it will prompt you to the SpeakUp! and give your input. More Details

ReToolCOS | Zoning Ordinance Update
The Planning and Community Development Department is managing RetoolCOS, assisted by Clarion Associates, a national land-use consulting firm, an Advisory Committee, and a Technical Committee. The Advisory Committee is comprised of elected and community representatives, including City Council members, HBA (Housing & Building Association) representation, and CONO (Council of Neighborhood Organizations).

economic impact
The impact of home construction on the local economy and economic contributions is measured through jobs, associated payroll and economic output. Each year the industry builds new homes to accommodate our growing population and the year-over-year recurring effect magnifies the overall economic impact. In order to help consumers understand the real cost and impact of new home construction in El Paso County, the HBA has published a brochure using data-driven information from NAHB and Summit Economics.
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current issues

COS Park Land Dedication Ord. Revisions
Several smaller meetings are taking place with parks staff, parks board members and industry representatives to determine the appropriate amount of land dedication that should be given in lieu of park fees, and what the appropriate formula is to determine the land values of the dedications. The PLDO criteria manual is being reviewed.

COS Special District Presentations
The HBA’s presentation response to the 2/24/20 ‘State and Federal Tax Impacts to Homeowners Inside Metro Districts’ presentation by Council Knight, has been postponed until April 27th due to the covid19 situation.

COS Annexation Policy
The City’s Annexation Policy hasn’t been updated since 2006 and the City is now looking at how to deal with outlying areas that could be destined for city annexation. CSU will need to complete their study to determine what areas they are able and willing to provide service to, before the City can update their annexation policy.

CSU Regionalization/Extra Territorial Service
CSU staff is working through a series of Water Strategy Workshops with the Board and public. HBA members believe annexation is the best option and will stay active as discussions continue. Members continue to meeting with CSU and City leadership to continue momentum in a forward direction. Defining areas that CSU is able and willing to service is the current focus.

El Paso County Master Plan
A presentation is scheduled for April 22, 2020 from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM at the HBA with the consultant, Houseal-Lavigne Associates. The presentation will focus on highlights from the Existing Conditions Report, identified market conditions, mapping, current efforts and what’s left to do.

PPACG Joint Land Use Study Implementation
The JLUS Implementation Committee is working to encourage recommendations from the Joint Land Use Study during the ReToolCOS, EPC and Monument zoning code updates which include: influence zones, area of concern maps, accident potential zone standards, and airport overlay zone changes that may have an impact development. The next quarterly JLUS Implementation Committee meeting is scheduled for April 23rd-2 to 3:30pm at the PPACG office. An update from airport staff will be given on the COS Airport Master Plan process.