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The Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs’ Political Action Committee (HBA PAC) is a separate legal entity affiliated with the Association. The membership of HBA PAC is limited to members of the Association and selected by HBA PAC at its annual meeting each November.

Your contribution helps to further the mission as we seek to inform and educate the general membership of CSHBA on the political process, our positions, our endorsed candidates, and the importance of participating in the American election process.
To make a contribution, contact Marla Novak at marla@cshba.com or 719-592-1800


Mike Suggs

NAI Highland, LLC


Kyle Campbell

Classic Consulting Engineers

Staff Liaison

Marla novak

VP of Gov. Affairs


The mission of the HBA PAC is to identify, support and help candidates get elected to public office. The candidates that we support share our strongly held philosophies.
• Employing the American Free Enterprise System and Free Enterprise solutions to solve issues
• Willingness to make the tough stances and decisions that are in the best interests of the community and/or the state
• Defending Private Property Rights guaranteed in the Constitution
• Supporting a pro-business climate on a state and local level
• Understanding the importance of the housing industry in meeting the needs of people for all types and prices of housing opportunities
• Believing in Limited Government and a rational regulatory environment.
• Willingness to listen and learn


The HBA PAC is comprised of 25 members that are selected by the PAC at its annual meeting in November. Membership in PAC is for a two year term and there are no limits on the number of terms members can be elected. HBA members interested in serving on the PAC must submit an application and nomination to the HBA PAC Executive Committee by October 31 stating their interest and qualifications for participating in the PAC. Existing PAC members whose terms will expire in the ensuing year and are interesting in continuing to serve on the PAC must notify the Executive Committee in writing of their desire to continue on the PAC by October 31 as well. The HBA PAC membership will elect members to two year terms from the pool of eligible candidates.

The Roles and Responsibilities of the PAC Members include active participation in the identification and endorsement of candidates for public office at the city and county level, as well as the “local” delegation to the state legislature. PAC Members are expected to provide assistance with election campaigns, campaign financial support, and to encourage voting participation with friends, family and business associates.