2024 Primary Guide

HBA PAC Endorsed Candidates
2024 Primary Guide Colorado Springs HBA

Election Day: Tuesday, June 25

Everyone should have received their ballots by now!

The June 25 primary election is a key election for our community at large and the construction industry. Voters will have important decisions to make on county commissioner seats and countywide seats. We wanted to share with you the official endorsements taken by the CSHBA Political Action Committee (PAC). 



Each election our PAC diligently researches candidates to make endorsements and recommendations to support candidates who reflect the values and principles of the HBA. The PAC-endorsed candidates share our goal of being able to build safe, attainable housing to meet the region’s needs, while respecting private property rights, maintaining a good permitting and regulatory environment, and developing smart policies on key issues like fees, taxes, water resources and other issues critical to our members.


Please use the Primary Voter Guide below as you consider financial contributions and fill out your ballots. 

  • June 17this the last day to mail your ballot. There are 24/7 secure ballot drop boxes throughout the county to return your ballot.
  • June 25 – Election Day. Ballots must be received by 7 p.m. Postmarks do not count.
  • Unaffiliated voters can participate in the primary elections but must return only 1 ballot for their vote to count.


Click Here for information about voting and returning ballots