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2024 Membership Directory

The 2024 Membership Directory & Buyer’s Guide isn’t just another listing. It’s a powerful platform for industry professionals to showcase their company and stand out from the competition.

Stay in the Spotlight
Is your information up-to-date? Verify your details here: Listing by Company | Listing by Business Category. Please notify us of any changes by January 5, 2024 to ensure accuracy.

Put a Spotlight On Your Company
Secure your spotlight by submitting your ad or enhancing your company’s listing before January 5, 2024, to guarantee your spot in this year-long publication.

Exclusive Access for Active Members
Only active members of the Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs will be promoted. Ensure your membership status is current to seize this opportunity.

Three Complimentary Listings
Each member company receives three (3) complimentary business category listings, giving you multiple chances to shine. Need more? Additional listings are available at just $25 each.

Questions or Need Guidance?
For all inquiries about the directory or for assistance, please contact Shirley Rouse at (719) 592-1800, extension 119.

By enhancing your message with compelling language and a sense of urgency, you can increase its impact and encourage more engagement in the 2024 HBA Membership Directory.

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