To register for this member benefit, simply follow the steps below.

2. Click on Redeem Your BPA in the landing page toolbar

3. Select “HBA Members” and fill out the short questionnaire

SBGP only works with HBA members, is entirely private, and works with over 25% of the HBAs in the United States.
The HBA highly recommends that you take advantage of a BPA, especially if you don’t have a clear (and documented) plan for your business for 2021.

​If you are unclear if you would benefit from a BPA, here is a short list of the issues where members have received significant benefit…You are considering Succession Planning

  • You have hit a growth ceiling, where lack of systems is starting to show in your company with mistakes, and miscommunication (internally, and with customers and prospects)
  • You aren’t clear on a strategic direction for your company (nor are your employees)
  • You can’t seem to find the right people, and are having team cohesion issues
  • You get a lot of calls, but not many turn into sales
  • You are generating great sales, but the profit is not there at the end of the month
  • You are trying to drive the business forward, but keep getting pulled back into the daily operations, and still act as the chief “firefighter” and problem solver
  • You are becoming burnt out, working more and seeming to accomplish less

They will also incorporate up to 10 DISC/Motivator assessment reports for you and your management team with the creation of your BPA. These cost over $300 each if you had to purchase them yourself.

Succession Planning: Is the Next Generation Ready to Take the Reigns?

Let CAHB Help You Get a Plan in Place in Time for 2021

An annual BPA is included 100% through your CAHB Member Benefits ($4,200 value)

​The BPA (Business Diagnostic & Plan of Actions) will give you a clear roadmap to help your kids or key employees methodically take over the business, but most importantly, help institute processes and procedures to ensure they succeed as you back away from day-to-day operations. Look at this as an “insurance policy” to make sure the hard work and perseverance you but into building your business doesn’t go to waste, and the business is able to maintain it’s sales, consistency and profitability it did under your leadership.

Even if you aren’t quite ready now, a BPA will lay the groundwork for what would need to happen to make an eventual smooth transition a reality.

It is not just a two or three-page summary, but an in-depth analysis of your business including…

  • Planning, both long and short-term, so you have a roadmap for the business
  • Marketing and sales plan so you know what projects are ideal for your business
  • Team and people so you have the right people in the right seats, all rowing in the same direction
  • Financials and scorecards so you have a dashboard for your business to see how you’re doing at-a-glance
  • Actions and accountability so you know what needs to be done and when and by who

This should only take you 2-3 minutes, and once you have registered, an SBGP representative will reach out to schedule an introductory call to explain the BPA, the BPA Process and answer any other questions you may have.


Chad Weaver of Weaver Custom Homes in Wooster, Ohio shares some of his biggest learnings and accomplishments, including forecasting at all levels of his company (new starts, managing & generating leads, etc) and his transition into ownership.


Collier Bashier, Collier Custom Homes of San Antonio TX, is a very straight-forward builder, and goes into depth on his initial thought of, “will this really benefit me?” & his experience with the BPA and BPA process from Small Business Growth Partners.

“I gave [SBGP] a little bit of time and [SBGP] gave me a whole bunch in return.”

SBGP Is a “Dream Come True”

Scott Kennard, President of Wentworth Builders explain this real-world value of the Small Business Growth Partners’ HBA Member benefit. Scott is a very outspoken guy (in a good way), and you will love how candid he is doing this interview. He explains the results he achieved and what he did to make it happen.