Membership in the HBA of Colorado Springs means belonging to a larger community – the construction industry. This outstanding group of community business leaders contributes on many levels to bettering themselves, their companies, and the community. They accomplish this by participating in education programs, sharing ideas, serving on committees, implementing changes and working toward common goals for themselves and the industry as a whole.

“If you want to be successful, surround yourself with people more successful than yourself.”

When you become a member of the HBA of Colorado Springs, you also become a member of the Colorado Association of Home Builders and the National Association of Home Builders. These organizations include the best and brightest of the industry. It has been said that if you want to be successful, you don’t need to know everything. You just need to surround yourself with people who know what you don’t. Becoming a member of the HBA gives you the opportunity to do just that. With numerous events at the local, state, and national levels both in person and online, you will have the opportunity to network and learn from others.


While the greatest benefit of joining the HBA lies in the people you will meet, the relationships that you build and the knowledge you gain; there are other, tangible benefits too. These include:

  • Healthcare Programs
  • Insurance Programs
  • Discounts & Rebate Programs
  • Networking Opportunities at the local, state and national levels
  • Industry Advocacy
  • Premier Events
  • Brand Value
  • Company Promotion
  • and more.



A Fantastic Place to Connect

The HBA of Colorado Springs has been a fantastic place to connect to so many people in the homebuilding and land development industry, not only for myself but for our company.  It started out as a way to make business connections but turned into a place where I now have many great friends.  It is also awesome to be part of an association that has so much positive impact to the entire region.   I highly recommend anyone interested in this industry to join and get involved in this great organization!” 

Phil Stuepfert, Principal

HR Green

We’ve Made a Difference

I’ve been a proud member of the HBA for nearly a decade . . .  As an associate member representing Closet Factory, I’ve had the privilege of serving on various committees …alongside dedicated individuals who share a passion for our industry and our community. Together, we’ve made a difference . . . The HBA has allowed me to forge enduring connections, expand my professional network, and elevate my business. The warm and inviting atmosphere created by its dedicated staff, along with the support of fellow members, has made this journey truly exceptional.

Debbie Mauro, Senior Designer
Closet Factory


Colorado Springs HBA is the Best

We (Covington Homes) have been a member of the Colorado Springs HBA for over 15 years, and over 25 years through our prior companies.  What I really appreciate about our local HBA is the relationships I have formed, the comradery between peers and competitors, the solidarity of the HBA team and staff, and the strong advocacy in the community.  Our local Springs HBA is the best place to connect with fellow Industry members as well.  I have been a member of other local HBA’s, and by far the Colorado Springs HBA is the best!

Grace Covington, Owner
Covington Homes


Have Questions?

If you’ve got questions about becoming a member, call us at 719-592-1800. If you’re ready to become a member of this amazing organization: