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Tips for Early Recovery


Joe has extensive personal and coaching experience with addiction and mental health
conditions, including bipolar, depression and anxiety.

While I understand the desire to move on, I also know that moving too fast can lead to
mistakes, bad decisions and physical or mental “crashes.” Speed shortens our reaction time
and can magnify a bad choice. We have to learn to slow down. It may sound far too simple to
make a difference, but often it’s the most important change in thinking you can make. Learning
to fight the instinct to go fast and instead slow down is difficult, but worthwhile.


2023 webinars:

December: Let’s talk holiday parties
Face It TOGETHER’s upcoming webinar is scheduled for Dec. 7, 2023.
For someone new to sobriety or trying to cut back on their alcohol use, holiday parties can be challenging settings. There’s often a heavy emphasis on blowing off steam by drinking. Thankfully, there are many strategies that can mitigate the stress and help individuals prepare. We’ll share our own experiences as holiday party goers, plus advice for employers to keep their gatherings safe and welcoming.


November: Make Space For Gratitude | WATCH RECORDING

October: Winter is coming: Coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder | WATCH RECORDING

September: Into the light of recovery | WATCH RECORDING​

August: Overdose Awareness Month: Stories of grief and hope | WATCH RECORDING

July: Repairing relationships after addiction | WATCH RECORDING

June: Military Panel: Wellness After Service | WATCH RECORDING

Wellness whiLe traveling

Addiction Treatment 101

The addiction treatment world is a confusing one. It’s difficult to know what to look for, who’s reputable and what kind of treatment is right for you or your family member. In our March webinar, you’ll hear from coaches who have asked these questions, either while seeking help for themselves or for a loved one. You’ll get to hear their stories and also learn valuable information about the addiction care landscape.  Watch Now

Managing chronic pain and opioid recovery: May

When Joe was 23 years old, a chance encounter with a renegade donkey put him in the ER with a serious back injury, along with his first Demerol injection. What followed was 20-year addiction to pain medication and other drugs. He went from a professional doctor shopper to being pain-med free in 2008. In 2021, at age 60, his back injury became acute – he needed major surgery and was facing a seven-month opioid-based pain management program with drugs even stronger than those he took during his addiction. He was suddenly faced with the question, “After all these years, could he use and not abuse opioids?”

Overcoming the shame of addiction

Overcoming the guilt and shame of things you did while struggling with addiction isn’t easy. Maybe you lied, stole or weren’t there for the people in your life who needed you. Maybe you did none of these, or all of them. We’ll hear from David DelSignore, Face It TOGETHER’s Project Coordinator, who has a powerful story of recovery and overcoming shame. March 3rd, 5:30PM


The average person spends more than one-third of their day, five days a week, at work. Self-care is critical to preventing burnout, boosting morale and increasing productivity in the workplace. In this webinar, you’ll get to meet three new Face It TOGETHER coaches. You’ll hear about their personal recovery journeys and how they each practice self-care at work.

Recovery from meth addiction: Kattie’s story

While stigma is part of nearly everyone’s addiction journey, the stigma surrounding meth addiction is particularly prevalent. The reality is people do recover from meth addiction. Join us to hear Kattie’s personal recovery story, plus a few data points from our members struggling with meth.