The home building industry is among the most regulated industries in the country. It is always the HBA’s intention to be on the forefront of breaking news in legislation, code changes and other areas that can affect our industry and our members.

Please contact Marla Novak, Director of Government Affairs, to learn more about the current issues that the HBA’s Government Affairs staff is tracking, or if you have ideas to keep the home building industry free from unnecessary regulation and fees.


The HBA has taken the lead on the discussion about the complex issues affecting housing affordability in our local market. Providing safe and affordable housing is at the core of our mission, and we are honored to be part of this important community conversation. Stay updated on the topic and upcoming public events. Learn More


The impact of home construction on the local economy and economic contributions is measured through jobs, associated payroll and economic output. Each year the industry builds new homes to accommodate our growing population and the year-over-year recurring effect magnifies the overall economic impact. In order to help consumers understand the real cost and impact of new home construction in El Paso County, the HBA has published a brochure using data-driven information from NAHB and Summit Economics.