We want to thank you and congratulate you on your decision to join HBA. We know that you will find membership rewarding, instructive, and helpful.


Membership in the HBA of Colorado Springs means belonging to a larger community – the construction industry. This outstanding group of community business leaders contributes on many levels to bettering themselves, their companies, and the community. They accomplish this by participating in education programs, sharing ideas, serving on committees, implementing changes and working toward common goals for themselves and the industry as a whole.

We all recognize the importance of controlling costs, but smart businesspeople also know it’s the benefit received for the price you pay that is the most important thing in managing finances.

HBA membership is only $1.86/day, and the benefits of membership far outweighs the benefits of that last cup of joe.


Become a member by filling out the application below that relates to your affiliation.


Builder Memberships shall be open to any person or entity whose business is the construction or remodeling of homes or commercial buildings, business of land development.

Associate Memberships shall be open to any person or entity engaged in any allied trade, business, industry, or profession within the territorial jurisdiction of this Association.

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This application is for businesses and companies who directly benefit from the housing industry.

Builder Members pay additional assessments when they pull permits from the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department.

Note: A portion of your Builder/Associate Membership dues are tax deductible. For 2019, the tax deductible amount is $590.40. The portion that is not deductible is $89.60 which is for industry-related lobbying at the state and national level.


An Industry Supporter is not a member of the Association, but allows you to participate or sponsor local events as well as advertise in our members-only publications.

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This application is for businesses and companies that do not directly benefit from the housing industry, for example: restaurants and bars, moving, storage and rental companies, and employment services. The Industry Supporter does not have full membership privileges. (Refer to the downloadable application above for a tangible list of benefits.)

Note: An Industry Supporter is not available to persons or entities engaged in the construction of housing or commercial buildings or the business of land development. The Industry Supporter is subject to change by the Board of Directors at any time and without notice.


Affiliate Memberships allows employees of CSHBA’s members’ companies to become members of CSHBA at a reduced rate.
Both Builders and Associates can be Affiliate members.

$100/yr (individual)
$350/yr (subsidiary)

This application is for individuals or subsidiary companies whose parent company is already a CSHBA member. By becoming an Affiliate member, you have exclusive membership rights as either an individual (such as a real estate agent separate from their broker) or a subsidiary company (such as a real estate team separate from their employer brokerage).

All members agree to abide by the provisions of the Association By-Laws and any amendments thereof, subscribe to a Code of Ethics, and meet with the approval of the Board of Directors.